Aspen 2 Fuel

Aspen 2 Fuel is the best fuel available for any two-stroke engines.
Keep yourself healthy, your machinery healthy and the environment healthy.

What is Aspen 2 Fuel?

Aspen 2 is alkylate petrol is premixed at a 50:1 atio with a biodegradable 2-stroke premium oil. Aspen 2 Fuel is best suited 2-stroke engines, including chainsaws, hedge trimmers, power cutters, etc. 

One of the greatest advantages of Aspen 2 Furl is that it does not contain any harmful substances such as benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons or olefins; this list of substances have been found to cause serious health problems. Another great benefit to Aspen 2 Fuel is that is also keeps spark plugs and combustion chambers cleaner - which in turn improves the general health of the machine. As mentioned previously, Aspen 2 Fuel does not contain any ethanol. What does this mean? Aspen 2 Fuel can be stored for a very long period with any quality deterioration - this will make it incredible easier to start your engine, even after a long winter of little to no engine run time or activity.  There are numerous environmental benefits to Aspen 2 Fuel as well, such as reducing the formation of ground-level ozone (smog) by about 40%.

The oil in Aspen 2 has been selected and developed for the future. Aspen 2 Fuel is fully synthetic with as much as 60% renewable content. It is biodegradable and free from ash and solvents. The oil gives an extremely clean engine and has optimum lubrication characteristics at all engine temperatures.

Aspen 2 Fuel

Benefits of Aspen 2 Fuel

  • 99% cleaner than ordinary petrol
  • Can be used in all types of modern two-stroke engines
  • Aspen fuel does not contain ethanol, solvents or benzene
  • Better performance and a longer service life

What is Aspen 2 Fuel made of?

Aspen 2 is alkylate petrol premixed with 2% biodegradable 2-stroke oil, suitable for chainsaws, clearing saws, hedge trimmers, mopeds, lawn trimmers, power cutters and other land-based 2-stroke engines. The oil in Aspen 2 has been selected and developed for the future. It is completely synthetic with as much as 60% renewable content, it is biodegradable (more than 80% after 28 days) and free from both ash and solvents. The oil gives an extremely clean engine and has optimum lubrication characteristics at all engine temperatures. 

List of Aspen 2 Fuel Features

  • No expensive repair bills caused by stale fuel

  • Your machine always starts and is ready to go even after long standstill periods

  • Last for years without deterioration

  • Aspen does not contain ethanol

  • Virtually odourless

  • Less maintenance and a longer machine life

  • Conveniently sized containers

  • Premixed 2-stroke eliminates the need to mix yourself

  • Easy to select the correct fuel using the coloured cans and coloured reminder stickers on your machine

  • Protects your health and the environment

Where can I purchase Aspen 2 Fuel?

Come purchase Aspen 2 Fuel in at VanBrabant Services. Come and visit our showroom in Sturgeon County, Alberta to see our full range of Aspen 2 Fuel products. If you are from the Edmonton, Alberta, we will make sure to offer you an unbeatable price on any lawn mower product or Aspen 2 Fuel products. We are happy to answer any questions you may have to make sure that our your lawn mower fit your needs. We offer the most competitive prices on our lawn mowers from electric powered, gas powered and riding lawn mowers, so come visit us today. 

What is the difference between Aspen 2 Fuel and ordinary petrol?

Ordinary petrol is produced during the crude oil refinement process, in which various fractions are processed in different ways and then combined. Petrol is therefore not homogeneous, but a mixture of several substances. Ordinary petrol purchased at petrol stations contains around one hundred different substances, all with different impacts on performance, health and the environment. Many components are extremely hazardous and toxic to humans and our environment. Alkylate is produced synthetically from the pure gases that are released when crude oil is refined. The result is a very clean petrol, which consists of around ten of the least harmful substances, and is therefore virtually free from hazardous constituent components such as benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, sulphur and olefins. 


What fuel is best to last during a winter season?

If you want your lawnmower or chainsaw to start easily after winter or summer storage, Aspen 2 Fuel is the right choice. Ordinary petrol deteriorates if it is stored in containers or petrol tanks, resulting in starting and operating problems. Aspen, on the other hand, retains its quality ensuring hassle free operation over many years. Plastic cans and the environment The polyethylene plastic, from which the containers are made, has been selected with the environment in mind, and can be recycled to produce both materials and energy. When recycled, only carbon dioxide and water are produced. 

Does Aspen 2 Fuel have accessories available?

Aspen also carries special filling aids for even safer and simpler handling, for example an Aspen branded filler spout, which stops the flow when the tank is full, eliminates the need for a funnel and reduces spills and fumes. 

Can you mix Aspen Fuel with ordinary petrol?

Aspen mixes with regular pump gasoline – you do not need to worry about a strange reaction. However, when mixed with regular petrol you will not gain the same benefits as using only AspenYou may find that your engine has to be slightly adjusted depending on the quality of the regular petrol.

Where is Aspen 2 Fuel Produced?

Aspen alkylate petrol is developed and produced by Lantmännen Aspen AB, Sweden. Aspen was founded in 1988 with the aim of improving forestry workers’ work environment where they were spending whole days in harmful chainsaw exhaust gases. It was Roland Elmäng, a fuel expert at Volvo, who saw the benefits of using alkylate in chainsaws instead of regular petrol. It all started in Lerum at Lake Aspen, hence the name. Today Lantmännen Aspen’s business is based in Hindås outside Gothenburg. The company is a member of the Lantmännen Group, one of the biggest corporate groups in the Nordic region.